Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dishes & Dining

So you might have taken a little tour of our home and seen a peak of our dining room. I'm always changing things up here and there, but I've finally settled on something I'm pretty happy with. The color scheme of yellow, green, grey and black came into play kind of by accident but I actually really love it. And hey, I'm kinda representing the good ole Baylor bears a bit too! Go green and gold! Ok getting a little distracted... Anyways! Here is a closer look at our dining room. Keep scrolling down for the before pics. 

 So what do you think?? 

Here are some before pictures. This one in particular was taken when the previous owner was living there. I took this pic when we first walked through the home.

Here is a few weeks after we moved in. Hadn't had time to switch out the light fixtures or do much of anything really.

And once more, here is the after:

Much better, right!? There are a few DIY projects scattered throughout that I will be posting about soon. One of which are my painted chevron curtains:)

If you'd like to look at some other lovely dining rooms, visit Thrify Decor Chick! I found some great inspiration there today.


  1. love love love!! i hadnt seen your new light fixtures! i just love those... are they the same as mine just painted? sooo cute!

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