Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A project in the works...

So randomly last Sunday I got the urge to completely makeover our laundry room. It was like 3 in the afternoon and normally at this point I would be winding down from the weekend and preparing for the work week. What did I do instead? I drove to Lowes to buy some lumber. That's always a bad idea - or maybe a great idea? I think I've decided to blame it on Pinterest. It's really been inspiring me a bit too much lately. Regardless, I rounded up some supplies and came home. Over the past few days I've been a busy little bee and working every night. I'm a few steps away from the finish line, but with a full time job and more graphic design work on the side, it's hard to find the time!! Here are some of my Pinterest finds that led me to this project:

Now here are some pics of the progress of the project. As you can see, there was a high need for some major love in this little room. It's the entrance we use from our garage, so I see this room on my way out in the morning and when I get home every single day.  I was just sick of this being the first and last room to walk in and out of. It wasn't terrible, but it did need some TLC ;)

We've really been wanting to transform this back entrance into our mudroom, but that involves more mula and more time. Here are some inspirations we had when our mudroom idea was happening. Hopefully it will still happen one day, but until then we will just keep dreaming!

Any Pinterest finds inspiring you?? 
I would love to see some more mudroom and laundry room ideas:)

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