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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Classic Kitchens

I've been keeping my most recent project on the down low, but over the past few weeks/months I have been working with my parents on the design of their new home! They just recently moved from Houston to Dallas... aka... much closer to me!! The house is newer, but still needed a TON of updating. I have taken all of my "before" photos, so I cannot wait to show you everything once it's all finished!

There has been a lot of construction happening in their house, but the biggest project is by far the kitchen.  We are basically re-designing just about everything... Cabinets, hardware, fixtures, back splash, floors, layout - you name it! Literally EVERYTHING will be changed, which made my mom a little stressed to say the least. It also doesn't help that my mom isn't the most visual person you've ever met. She has a hard time seeing the end result, whereas I already see the entire room completely finished in my head!  I keep trying to console her of her worries and reassure her that it will all be beautiful in the end, but words would not relieve her of the stress.

Since I knew words weren't enough, I spent many weeks gathering examples of kitchens that had similar elements we would be using. This helped her actually see what some of the finishes would end up looking like. I began to see the excitement in her eyes which made me happy too:)

Below are a few inspiring kitchens that helped my mom visualize her soon to be finished kitchen. We wanted to keep things rather traditional, but still give the space an updated and fresh look.

 photo kitch_zps25519297.jpg

 photo kitchen_zps5429c0d0.jpg

 photo 4f02a13a81a0c04346a4ec9ec7356da2_zps82f388e7.jpg

 photo 101666765jpgrenditionlargest_zps8cd0cc87.jpg

 photo d8b73480a0195a8272da582052fa2e61_zpsab3dd259.jpg

 photo 2a04ac24f441803a100369b0c3c6be76_zps2ed54781.jpg

 photo yellow-and-navy-chairs_zpsc4b71d7b.jpg
If you want to see more of my pins from this project, make sure to visit the Pinterest boards below or follow me if you'd like!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Inspiration Mood Board

Hello All! I am so excited to be involved in a fun collaboration post today. I have teamed up with a few fellow bloggers to post about our excitement for spring! From one inspiration photo, we all created a mood board to express what {Spring} means to us. You will see a little blurb from each of us along with the mood board we designed. I hope you enjoy our Spring mood boards, and don't forget to check out the rest of these amazing bloggers before you leave! Alrighty, now on to the fun stuff:)

Here is our inspiration photo:

 photo BlossomedColor_zps2b81e393.png

{My Mood Board}

I went a little more crisp, clean and graphic rather than the beautiful organic photo above. I wanted to focus on the beautiful bright colors of spring and came up with my fun living room mood board below.

To see more of my design boards, click [here].
 photo MoodBoard_BlissfulBee_zps1705ef62.jpg
To see my items from this set, click through [here].

 photo line_zps0a8e7104.jpg

{Carissa Miss}

I'm Carissa from Carissa Miss! I blog mostly about design and my DIY projects in my house, but I love sharing my menu planning ideas and easy recipes I make too. 

My most popular DIY projects have been my DIY Restoration Hardware Trestle Table {recently featured on} and my DIY Entry Way Board and Batten. I like to tackle whatever creative project I can! 

 photo aprilinspiration_Carissa_zps378cebed.jpg

print/pillow/flower art/green striped bow/round rug/fabricprint/swimsuit/vase

** Carissa is also having a giveaway today! Make sure to stop by and check it out

 photo line_zps0a8e7104.jpg

{Cuckoo 4 Design}

I'm Julia, or you can call me the crazy German. I blog at Cuckoo4Design where I write about my DIY adventures. I'm cuckoo for my family, cats and design.

 photo line_zps0a8e7104.jpg

{Designer in Teal}

I'm Samantha and I blog over at Designer in Teal! I mostly blog about Interior design but lately I have been sharing more of my everyday life, wedding inspiration and anything in between.

My latest project is Design in Your Home (a link-up for other bloggers to share their homes and maybe even get featured).

Casbah chair- Pier One
Gold Ceramic garden stool- World Market
Golden Yellow Pillows- Target
Multicolored Pillows- Etsy
Outdoor Dining Table- World Market
Hanging Lanterns- World Market
Green Stripe Outdoor Rug- Pier One
Plates: West Elm
Planter: Ikea

 photo line_zps0a8e7104.jpg

{Eleven Sixty}

I'm Melissa and I blog at Eleven Sixty. I have a passion for interior decorating, but I also write about life's happenings and everything that make it so lovely.

spring mood board
frame around inspiration photo // mirror // succulent
pencil cup // desk // desk chair // wastebasket // lamp base // lamp shade
accent table // bamboo blinds (no link) // chevron curtains // pillow
lounge chair // ottoman // magazine rack // knob // animal figurines // rug

 photo line_zps0a8e7104.jpg

{Design Your Dwelling}

Hi, I'm Beth, the author blogger behind Design Your Dwelling, an interior design and lifestyle blog, looking to inspire people to lead a beautiful life! I love home decor, fashion, and a splash of inspiration on a regular basis as well as working with interior design clients to design a space they love to live in!

 photo CityChicLiving_zps6150894a.jpg

 photo line_zps0a8e7104.jpg

Check em Out!

Now before you leave, make sure to check out these amazing bloggers! 
They are really some talented gals:)

Carissa from {Carissa Miss}
Julia from {Cuckoo 4 Design}
Samantha from {Designer In Teal}
Melissa from {Eleven Sixty}

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Top 10 FREE Fonts

As a graphic designer, I design SO many different things on a daily basis and I strive to make each design look unique and different. I not only want the design to be unique, but I also want my fonts to stand out as well. I am always looking to expand my font archives and finding free fonts online are ALWAYS a good thing! Today I have accumulated my top 10 favorite FREE fonts and where you can find them. I hope you enjoy my little graphic for the day. Feel free to share the love and pin your heart away to share my FREE finds!

 photo freeFonts_zps31de5e2c.jpg

1. Return to Sender  2. Ostrich Sans  3. Hooverville  4. Weston Free  5. Lemondrop  6. Honey Script  7. Budmo  8. Matchbook  9. Neoretrodraw  10. Intro Free

I hope you enjoy these as much as I have! 

And just a quick reminder that Google Friend Connect will be GOING AWAY on July 1st, so please please please follow along with Bloglovin. It is SUCH a great blog reader, and I even like it better than GFC! Who knew?? Anyways, you can follow along from the link below, or see my sidebar to click on the button. It took me 2 seconds to sign up for FREE and it literally transferred ALL of my blogs over in about 30 seconds. Can't get much better than that, right??

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Custom Blog Designs from {The Cottage}

Over the past few weeks, business has been wonderful over at The Cottage! One of my favorite projects thus far has been a new blog design for a dear friend of mine. So far I have been working on the header, background, and sidebar buttons. I really enjoy getting to do this kind of design work - it's so nice to just let loose and get creative!

 photo blogDesign2_zps176b4a09.jpg

{Here is a close up of her sidebar buttons}

 photo blogDesign_zpsf26f38f3.jpg

Aren't their kiddos just adorable!!?

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! Happy Friday:)

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Formal Living/Dining - Phase 3!

As you all may know, I have been working in phases to re-design our formal living/dining room. Today I would like to show you the 3rd of 4 phases. Yupp - That's right! I said 3 of FOUR phases!! Totally didn't think I would be changing this room so much, but hey - why not?? 

In my defense, I will attempt to explain myself. It got to the point where I would change one thing, and realize I didn't like something else. For example, I found that amazing rug for a great deal and just had to have it! Well... The "icy grey" of the wall color just didn't match with the new "stone grey" of the rug. It DROVE ME CRAZY and so I made the decision to paint the walls - SO glad I did! I am just in love with the new wall color. It's still in the "grey" family, but much warmer. Just perfect.

So like I said, it has basically been a snowball effect. Change one thing, and in the end.... it's all different! In this case, I've been very happy with my slow progression. In fact, even since I took these pictures, I have moved into phase 4 (and hopefully the FINAL phase) of this room:) I can't wait to show you what all I have done with the space! That will come soon, but until then I hope you all enjoy my {phase 3} reveal!

Scroll all the way down to see my 1-2-3 {before and afters}

And here are the steps I've taken to get to where I am now:

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Phase 3:

So what all do you see different??  Here are the top 3 changes:

1. The HUGE buffet has been moved to it's proper home - behind our dining room table.

2. We've got a NEW rug! And I'll tell you all a little secret - it's actually 2 rugs up against each other! Finding a large rug like that for a reasonable price it just about impossible and this is a great solution. The pattern matches up perfectly too:)

3. NEW paint color - The paint color is called Stone Manor by Valspar - I've been very happy with it!

Stay tuned to see what I have next! I'll give you a few hints. There might be some sort of new table, and some new upholstered pieces as well. Yippee! 

More to come:)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How [Fashion] & {Home Design} Correlate

A lot of times the color and patterns that are trending in fashion are also trending in home design. I see this all the time and I even see it in my own closet and home! Fashion and home trends have always run along the same path, and today I wanted to show you some of my favorite examples.

For instance, do you ever feel like you've got multiple design personalities? I know I sure do! One day I'm attracted to over the top industrial inspired rooms, and the next day I'm drooling over a beach inspired seaside room exploding with corals, turqouise's and fresh whites. It's always changing and I've noticed my fashion style changes with it. One day I'm as preppy as can be, and the next I feel like embracing my "artsy" side. For a while I would get annoyed with my "style A-D-D", but I have recently learned to embrace it. I realized that I love all of these different forms of design because I SIMPLY LOVE DESIGN! It's as simple as that and I'm not ashamed of it:) Lets take a closer look at a few of my design boards that show some {color and pattern} trends that have developed over the past year or so. It's amazing to see how easily they transfer from fashion to home design, or vice versa!

Isn't that just crazy how it's all so similar??! Really an interesting way to look at design, huh? Hope y'all enjoyed! This was a really fun post to create, so I might be doing a few more of these later down the road. More to come!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Rate My Space on HGTV

Howdy folks! Hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday the 13th. I know I sure am! I recently uploaded a few photos of our living room to HGTV's Rate My Space. Not really sure why I did, but eh why not, right??

I logged on this afternoon to see if it had gotten any views at all, and I was shocked it did!! Wehoo! I assumed there would literally be like 2 views and they would have probably been from me... But instead I found a happy surprise:) Have you ever visited the Rate My Space site? What do you think of our living room? If you would like to rate our space, visit my profile link HERE.

Happy Friday everyone:)