Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Project Schedule - Don't miss out!

Hello all! So I know I haven't been able to post a new project since last week's {Factory Cart Post}, but things have been super busy around here lately! Work has been crazy busy, and on top of that, I have had a few {mini} projects going on around the house. BUT, don't worry my friends - I have not forgotten about you! I have gathered up a few sneak peek's of what I will be posting for you all in the upcoming days/weeks. Some projects are small and some are large. Make sure to come back to see what I've got going on! And remember folks, I'm still what I call a {baby} blogger, so make sure to follow along if you like what you see!!

These are not in any particular order because... well... I'm just not that organized yet! Sorry guys, I'm getting there! At least I've got a list, so thats a start - right?

1.) Painted Outdoor Rug

Ok guys, so I am very excited about this one! I follow a very popular blog called {Addicted 2 Decorating} and she recently posted about a DIY outdoor rug. I am ALL about painting anything I can get my hands on. I paint furniture, art, walls, fabric, you name it. I guess thats just the artist in me - give me a brush and I'm off! I have been wanting to paint a rug FOREVER, but never found one cheap enough. Well, I will let you know that {A2D} has found the CHEAPEST rug at Home Depot for only $17! ahh I was jumping up and down when I saw this. I have already ordered 2 of them for my patio and hope to get them in soon. Make sure to check out her post {HERE}. And below is what I'm going to paint mine as. Of course, nautical navy stripes. What else???

2.) Chevron  Curtians

As you might have seen from some previous posts of mine {HERE} & {HERE}, I have some yellow painted chevron curtains hanging in my formal dining and living room. Now didn't I tell you I will paint anything I can get my hands on? And yes, I won't count curtains out either. This will be a fun post because as long as you've got some patience, it will be super easy. Anyone can do it - no problem:)

3.) Outdoor {Hand Painted} Nautical Table

This project actually turned out much better than I anticipated. So much so that I really don't want to put it on my porch. It's actually sitting in my living room right now because I don't want it to get weathered... Oh boy. I'm silly. But yes, if you are into nautical or navy as much as I am, you might enjoy this side table makeover. This table was actually built by my dad and I many years ago out of an old cabinet door and some old posts as legs. I just might have to write up a little how-to on that as well:)

And here she is before her makeover! Man, looks like I've used that dropcloth for a lot of projects!

You might be asking yourself... why is she posting a picture of an another old dropcloth? Well, well, well my friends, this old {paint stained} dropcloth will be used for the makeover as well. Yes, paint stained and all!

4.) Vintage Frame Makeover

My sweet sweet mother-n-law gave me an old vintage frame that she found in the garage a few months ago. It was brown and not quite my style. With just a little paint and fabric, I transformed it into something more my taste.

Here is the before - this was taken before my {Laundry Room Makeover}.

5.) Backyard Additions

I posted a few weeks ago about my {Porch Makeover}, but even since then I have changed it up a bit. I know, I know... It's only been a few weeks and I've already mix it up again. What can I say?? I like change every now and then;) I mean, everything can always improve, right?

We also have been in the process of adding "fluff" to our pool area as well. And by "fluff" I mean furniture, pillows, flowers, etc.

Below is one of our {unfinished} additions - a side table that will be used between our layout chairs by our pool. This thrifty find was also found on {A2D}. Found at Home Depot for $14!

So I hope you are looking forward to my lineup! Those are just a few of the projects I will be posting - there will be even more than that, so don't miss out!  Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. I am so excited to see what else you have coming. Your style is amazing and photography beautiful. Looking forward to seeing more projects!!

    1. Thank you thank you! Just visited your blog and can't wait to start following along!!

  2. Just found your lovely blog via Gina. Newest follower. Enjoyed browsing. Your home is absolutely gorgeous! I'll be coming back for more inspiration.

  3. Hi Amy,

    You have so many great projects going on. I'm now following you :)


  4. Can't wait to see! I'm at the edge of my seat, hurry up and finish already! ;)