Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Little Lauren's Photo Shoot

Over the weekend I had a session with sweet little Lauren! I wanted to try something a little different with this shoot, so I experimented with a new backdrop I recently purchased and took a few inside shots. Of course, I always love the outdoor photos because of the beautiful lighting, but it's also nice to have some different scenes set up as well.

 photo LaurenMontage_zps6f27dd95.jpg

 photo LaurenMontage2_zps4a7d7a8b.jpg

 photo LaurenMontage3_zps495e4067.jpg

 photo LaurenMontage4_zps8f9fe6c8.jpg

 photo LaurenMontage5_zps16a5b7f0.jpg

 photo LaurenMontage6_zps49288805.jpg

 photo LaurenMontage7_zpsb943187c.jpg

 photo LaurenMontage8_zpsb03d1007.jpg

 photo LaurenMontage11_zps8ac46448.jpg

 photo LaurenMontage10_zps62d8afc8.jpg

 photo LaurenMontage9_zps0ec63999.jpg

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  1. So sweet Amy and a great job on the photos as always!

  2. It would be really hard to choose from all of those shots - they are all fabulous! Lovely lighting.