Monday, May 20, 2013

"Like" me on Facebook!

Ok so after a YEAR of blogging, I finally decided to start a Facebook page for The Blissful Bee! I know I probably should have done this a while ago, but eh what can ya do? I'm quickly realizing that Google Friend Connect will be going away VERY soon (in about ONE month) and I'm doing my best to keep my readers up-to-date and informed.

I thought Facebook might be another great option on top of some of the other blog readers that will be coming out. I will try not to overwhelm you with too many Facebook posts - I simply want to use it to inform my followers of new posts and updates to the blog. I would LOVE it if you would "like" my new Facebook page and follow along!

On another note, speaking of Google Friend Connect going away.... Does anyone have any advice on what might be replacing it, if anything? I have found that BlogLovin is REALLY great, but I keep wondering if there might be any rumors out there of an official GFC "replacement"?? I've heard it might be Google +, but I really hope not! I'm not the biggest fan of Google +. Any feedback would be super helpful!!

P.S. For a while, I had my Facebook page linked to my business, The Creative Cottage. Sooo if you thought you might have already "liked" my page, that might have been my business and not my blog. I'm trying to organize myself a little bit here, so I decided to separate the two. You might just want to double check and "like" The Blissful Bee too! Thanks y'all!!


  1. I hate Google+. I can't figure out a thing on it. Can't find anyone's email on it. The whole thing to me is one big cluster you know what. Don't really like Facebook either. Who has the time to do all this? It's all I can do to keep the blog going and as it is I'm on the computer all day long and into the evening.

  2. I hate Google+ too but they want to force us on it in any way possible and google really doesn't care if we like it or not which is so annoying.

  3. Amy, I Liked ya on FB....I am in the same boat with my blog. What will happen when Google Friend Connect goes away...gesh....Can I ask you how you got the FIND US ON FACEBOOK box on your blog? Does that cost money with FB to do?
    Christine from

    1. Hi Christine! I actually found a great tutorial here:

      Hope this helps! It's nice and free too;)