Saturday, September 22, 2012

DIY Lamp Makeover

About 2 weeks ago I broke my absolute favorite lamp EVER. It was my green glass blown lamp that I bragged about in my {Pottery Barn Copycat Post} that I bought from Walmart a few years back. I was so devastated and SO mad at myself. I actually had 2 of them, so I still have one left, but they were a pair, and that was my favorite part:( Thankfully, I found a new life for it's remaining parts! 

For a while now, I have had a decorative seagrass piece that I recently wanted to transform into a lamp. I really didn't feel like buying a lamp/light kit, so I just never did anything with it. Well... after breaking my favorite lamp, I now had the perfect lamp guts to work with. Here was my process:

Thankfully, I already had the lamp shade from a previous lamp, so the odd oval shape wasn't a problem.  Below is my verbal attempt at explaining how I configured everything together:


1. Take apart an old lamp by first removing the bottom felt lining.

2. You will then see the wiring and will unscrew the bolt that is holding everything in place. 

3. In my case, I had to tear apart the cheap metal that my cord was encased in. I needed to pull my cord through, but the hole was too large for the plug to fit through. That is why I had to rip apart the metal. This part was surprisingly easy since it was a cheap lamp from walmart:)

4. Pull the cord through the base and take away any parts you don't think you will need for your particular transformation. This was a trial and error task for me!

5. Now we are down to our basics. I then pulled my wiring through my wicker decorative piece (aka my new lamp base) through the bottom.  I pushed it through the top opening of my wicker piece.

6. The cord simply feeds out the back of the lamp (so it wobbles a bit - but barely!) And the top part of the lamp peeps out of the top - ready for a light bulb and a shade!

7. Place your shade on your new lamp, and your done!

Neat huh?? Hope y'all enjoyed my little lamp makeover:)


  1. Sorry about your lamp fiasco, but what a great replacement! I love it!

  2. Amy - Great job on the lamp makeover! I have always wanted to rewire an old lamp for something new...but always been to chicken to try!! Looks great :) Looking forward to making frequent stops at your blog. I really enjoy it!!

    Blessings - Sara

  3. that looks fabulous, amy! i love the shape- so unique!

  4. Wow, this lamp is so unique, it looks like it cost a lot. Good for you. Love the shape.

  5. You did a great job revamping the seagrass piece into a lamp, but I feel your pain for breaking the one you loved.