Sunday, May 6, 2012

Office Makeover

Today I will be posting about our recent office makeover. When we moved in last September, I always knew I wanted the 3rd bedroom to be an office, but the hubs had another plan... He wanted to make this room a movie room. Well as much as I would have loved that, it just wasn't realistic. We would have had to buy the 72in. flat screen that he had been eying, and that just wasn't possible right now. I mean who needs a 72in. TV?? We also would have needed to buy everything else that goes into building a media room. So that's when I knew we needed to just go with the office plan that I originally had. Sorry hubs! It actually worked out in both of our favors because we both work at home occasionally - so he gets to use it, and so do I. I wanted to make this room a bit more masculine than the rest of our house since he didn't get his media room. I chose a predominately black and white color scheme with accents of neutrals. Here are some pictures of the new room:

Here is what we started with when it was merely our "leftover" room. This was our second guest room which we didn't really need. It was basically the storage room for all the furniture we didn't want to use in the rest of the house. I attempted to make it look semi presentable.

 We did although need an office, so the transformation began. Here is the after:

Here is a small list of some of the accessories and furniture we used in this room makeover. Some of it we already had and some we had to buy.

Chevron Rug: $72 @Urban Outfitters
Sawhorse desk: $128 @Ikea
B&W Chair: $80 @Target
Desk light: $30 @Marshalls
Chevron Lamp Shade: $19 @Target
B&W Pillows: $9.99 ea. @Garden Ridge
Couch: $160 @Target
Vintage Tray Table: $20 Antique
Rust Orange Paintings: Some of my custom art
B&W Tree Painting: Also my custom art:)
Curtains: $9 per panel @Target
White Shelves: The previous home owner actually left these for us as closet shelving. They were pretty beat up so I touched up the paint a bit and also added some tacks to cover up those ugly adjustment holes. I was able to buy about 200 tacks for around $10.
Black Shelves: Garage sale find that I've repainted about 5 times;) As you can see in the "before" picture they were painted blue.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! The hubs and I enjoyed a beautiful day by the pool yesterday but unfortunately my allergies kicked my butt once again... Been feeling sick all day today, so hopefully I'll get to feeling better soon! The good news is, this weekend was really one of the first weekends that we got to try out all of our pool floats!! My mom gifted the hubby and I with tons of fun floats, beach towels and goodies when we moved in last fall.

Isn't that hilarious?? I think it's supposed to be a turtle or something? Too funny! Anyways, hope everyone had a great weekend. 


  1. Hi there!

    I saw your post on the DIY Showoff for my feature and hopped on over to your blog! I have to say that your office makeover looks amazing!!


  2. Love the office makeover! That rug is just awesome. I am going to have to track one down. Hope you are feeling better soon. Come over and visit ....we are getting a makeover tomorrow!


  3. Your office looks great!I love the black and white...very classic. And I love how you disguised the holes in the bookcase with tacks -- genius! My office is still a work in progress. Maybe someday I'll finish it... :)

  4. Amy! This is gorgeous!I love your style. The accents add so much charm, the colors, texture and wood tones - beautiful! I am not surprised - I've been drooling over ALL of your awesome inspiring DIY. I'm including a link back in this week's deserves some more attention! ;)

  5. Amy, you have an amazing talent for transformations! I love the idea of using the tacks on the bookcase! Enjoy your beautiful office. Megan

  6. This office is great!! I love a black and white color scheme. I would love to know the name of the desk you have from Ikea. I checked there website but didn't have any luck finding it. If you happen to remember I would love to know! Thanks.

    1. Thanks!! The desk was actually 3 different pieces. The top was separate than the 2 bottom pieces.

      Here is the link to the trestles:

      Here is the top:


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