Thursday, May 9, 2013

Seeing Double Photo Session

 photo Logo_chalboard_photography_web_zps7c2caaef.png

A few weeks ago, I had a photo session with the cutest little twins I had ever seen. They were so well behaved and we ended up getting some really fun shots. What do you all think?? 

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 photo twins_zps06ee06c5.jpg

 photo twins2_zpsf114ead1.jpg

 photo twins3_zpsac9bef4a.jpg

 photo twins4_zps0f1dd30a.jpg

 photo twins5_zps6eff4f23.jpg

 photo twins6_zps3e741e09.jpg

 photo twins7_zps30c82fa2.jpg

 photo twins8_zps04734d7f.jpg

 photo twins9_zps8476ba20.jpg

 photo twins10_zps4f90dc32.jpg

 photo twins11_zpsee16a88a.jpg


  1. They are adorable and the photo's are beautiful!

  2. What a fabulous location for the photos. Those twins are so identical aren't they??!! Lovely shots, well done!

  3. You are a great photographer. Twins seem to really enjoy the photo sessions. Such great impromptu pics of them. They seemed to stay in place for you. Adorable little girls. Wonderful memories for their parents.

  4. Wow~!awesome work! cute cute cute - my daughter does photography.

    New follower from the blog hop!

  5. nice fotos!!!
    Happy mother's day!
    I;m Villy from
    and your new follower!