Thursday, March 21, 2013

Front Porch Item List

 photo items_zpsf66db711.jpg

Today I want to share with you where I found my items from my recent front porch makeover. Thankfully since the space is relatively small, I didn't have to buy too much. I even got to use some of my items from our old house! Below is my list of items. Enjoy!

Red Rocking Chairs
Target, $150 for the Pair
You can find them online {here}

Green Rug 5x7
Garden Ridge, $25 on sale

Red Wreathe 
Target, $30

Yellow Ikat Pillows 
Garden Ridge, $9.99 per pillow
(These are indoor pillows that I have used outside since it's a covered space)

Beige Outdoor Trellis Pillows 
Garden Ridge, $9.99 per pillow

Green Outdoor Solid Pillow
Garden Ridge, $9.99 per pillow

2 Navy & White Stripped Ottomans
Marshalls, $19 Each

If there was something I didn't list, it is most likely an antique or from a specialty shop. Other than that, I hope this helps you in your front porch decorating. Spring is right around the corner everyone, so get on out there and decorate!


  1. I didn't tell you on your reveal how great your porch looked, did I!
    It looks beautiful. The red rocking chairs a bright and beautiful and I love the pillows.

  2. LOVIN your front porch! I so want to come sit and rock! Loving your whole blog! New follower!

    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof