Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mean comments? No thank you!

Since I have started blogging I have noticed a few fellow bloggers write about how they sometimes will get the occasional "bad" comment. It might not be mean, it might not be rude, but it also might not be... well... helpful or nice. Which, in my opinion, why say something at all if you don't have something nice to say? We bloggers take a lot of time out of our day to document and post about what we love. (And most of the time we are doing it for FREE) It might appear to take just 5 minutes to whip out a post, but it doesn't. Thankfully all of my amazing followers here at The Blissful Bee have been so wonderful and I seriously can sit here and say I have not yet had ONE bad comment. But... venturing out and posting my projects on other websites {ones that will remain un-named} I have recently received a mean comment... And from what? My most recent post - my kitty litter box Hide-A-Way. 

The first comment - not bad at all. The second comment - again, not too bad either. I'm a big girl - I can take a punch here and there. The third comment... well that just ticked me off. And sadly... as much as I wanted to be the "bigger blogger" and not comment back... as you can see, I did comment back. And well folks... I got snappy. The sarcastic smart alec in me came out and it got ugly. Yupp. I caved and wrote exactly what I thought at that exact moment in time. Maybe I shouldn't have, and I will probably feel bad about it in the morning, but it just really hurts when you throw yourself out there and get not just negative feedback, but rude and unnecessary feedback. Especially when they're talking about my sweet kitty as if she's some rabid animal! Oh, and also as if I don't clean my kitchen or something?? Look, I understand that the kitchen was not the ideal location for her new "home," but when you're given very limited options (aka no other options at all), then you gotta work with what you got. My sweet Bailey is completely worth it, and if I have to put her litter box in the corner of our kitchen, well then I'm fine with that. She has brought us so much joy and I couldn't imagine not having her as a part of our family.

And that is beside the point anyways - I will never understand comments like that. I understand that when you put your work out in the public, people can write what they want. I get that. I'm even risking that right now as I write this post. But why waste your time writing something borderline RUDE and just simply unnecessary?? Are they thinking I will all of a sudden learn from what they wrote and move the litter box into my imaginary spare "cat room" that I have lying around? No. I won't. Because if I had ANY other option at all, I would have taken it. Ok... getting riled up here again. Sorry guys! Deep breath! 

{dramatic pause....}

Ok ok I'm good now. Anyways, now that I have vented a bit maybe I will feel better about negative comments. I guess it was bound to happen sometime! I just need to remind myself that for every negative comment, there are always 5 positive comments that go unwritten. I almost deleted my post on that {un-named} site because I was so mad/embarrassed, but I then saw how many people were reading the post and that a lot of people hopefully found it helpful. I mean, isn't that why we bloggers blog? To help our fellow DIYers??

Have any of you encountered negative comments? Do you get bothered by them as much as I did/do? Like I said before, constructive criticism is always good to have, but when does that cross over to just plain mean? 

I sure hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!! Minus my {bitter post} here tonight, my week has been wonderful. The new business is up and running, the new house is coming along wonderfully and I couldn't be happier! Also, you might have noticed The Blissful Bee got a little facelift this week. Hope you all are enjoying the new look:)


  1. Hi Amy, I don't even know where to begin, but first of all I have to say that I feel for you. I have 4 kitties that mean the world to me.
    When we had our first apartment, we kept the litter box in our bedroom. That was just the only place we had. Who cares where you keep the litter box. Seriously! And guess what (OMG) my cats jump on the kitchen counter!!! That person would have a heart attack. I don't know if you saw my outdoor cat enclosure on hometalk (I know we are on there together) but fortunately I haven't gotten any rude comments yet but if I would, I would have to say something back as well. I don't see a reason for mean comments as well. And you shouldn't feel bad for speaking your mind.

    I have gotten horrible comments at home though from friends of my husbands. Can you believe that one of his friends came to our house and told me that he hated cats and they disgust him? I told him to get the (bleeeeep) out of my house then. How rude are some people. I don't go to your house and tell you I hate kids or your furniture is ugly. The nerve!
    And he said worse things after that but I don't want to start, otherwise I'd get really upset again.

    Sorry for the long comment, but this hits a sore spot. I hope your week gets better.

    1. Oh my goodness I think we need to be friends! I have always hated how people can say such mean things about cats! I would never walk into somebody else's home and say I hated their animal! Or anything rather! And I feel the same thing about online comments as well. If you shouldn't say it to someones face, why do you feel empowered to say it online? Thanks so much for speaking up. Makes me feel a lot better:) And yes, I did see your cat enclosure on HomeTalk and loved it!! SUCH a great idea! I've always felt bad for making Bailey be an indoor kitty but also way too terrified to let her loose outside. Looks like you've come up with a great solution! Thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind words. I love your blog by the way!

    2. Thanks, I love yours too ;)
      I just hope that lady doesn't have any pets. If you can't deal with feces or other bodily fluids then you shouldn't get a pet or have kids, because that's life.
      And I don't know why so many people hate cats. I just saw on the news this morning that there is a guy in New Zealand that wants to ban all cats. Really! http://jezebel.com/5978115/the-quest-to-ban-cats-in-new-zealand
      What is up with people?

  2. I'm SO sorry for you! People are SO mean and hateful, especially behind the "cloak" of the Internet. Oliver's box is in our living room now, but when we lived in the apartment, it was in our guest bedroom -- because there was literally NO other place for it. Some people would say rude things to me about it not being sanitary because it was on the carpet, in the guest bedroom, etc. and it would really hurt my feelings. The best thing I've learned is that you do what is best for you and your family!

    I also hate how people bash cats. I, for one, love them! (And you don't have to take them out to walk, come home during lunch to let them out to do their business, bathe them or board them when you're gone for 1-2 days...they're self-sufficient!) :)

  3. Hi Amy, I commented on you post too, and really don`t understand such reactions.
    I do have two British Shorthair and love them to death, and if you want to keep your litter box on the counter, I think that`s none of THESE people`s business.
    For such comments you have the delete button, so use it;)
    I still love your idea.
    Love from Germany...

  4. I thank you for telling us about the cute litter box house from Walmart. I didn't realize they carried one. Where you put your litter box is totally your call. I am happy you love and value your pet! The world would be a better place with more people that are compassionate about animals!

  5. Thanks all for the sweet comments!! Always nice to hear wonderful words from my readers:) Glad to know there are other animal lovers out there like me who don't appreciate nasty comments!

  6. Hey, girl....just wanted to stop by and give you high-five. I totally get your response to those Negative Nellies...and you might change your mind about posting it, but...it was polite (I mean, there weren't any naughty words used...lol), to the point and spot on.

    I barely have time to post positive comments on all of the blogs I read on a regular basis...yours included. For the life of me, I don't know where these Negative Nellies find the time, and mean spirit, to post. ?? I can only assume they live horrible, negative and lonely lives...and the only "people" they get to talk to are thru the net/blogs. Makes for a pitiful existence if you ask me.

    By the way, I love the kitty box. We've kept our kitty's box in the guest room closet, bathroom, garage (we even installed a kitty door from the kitchen to the garage just for him)...you name it. Blessings, Tina

  7. Hi Amy, your reply was the right thing to do. Some people seem to think they have to "educate" us, don't they, and not in a nice way either. My elderly kitty Carmen has a litter box under my kitchen desk and also back in a bedroom. Carmen is our little love and a member of our family. Part of the pleasure of being an adult is having our home and pets and doing things to please ourselves since we cannot possibly please everyone! Carmen says HI to Bailey. The Blissful Bee looks lovely!!! Thanks for your posts, Mary Beth

  8. There are always a few of "those" people! lol Don't let em get you down. I once had a "friend" that thought our having a cat inside was disgusting, she also had a toliet so dirty I wouldn't use the restroom at her house, go figure.

  9. Unfortunately we are all susceptible to criticism, whether on the internet, our neighbors, family, or anyone who doesn't see the world the same as we. I wish I could completely tune it out, but often it comes at just the wrong time that we are hurt or offended. There is no apology for feeling let down by the offenders. How hard is out to keep your mouth shut? I try to just ignore it and not take the bait.keep your head held high and know that we will always be there to support you and as you ignore them we do too!!