Monday, November 26, 2012

7 Rules to Using Craigslist Efficiently

When your a gal who likes to change things up around the house as much as I do, then you will fully enjoy this post. It's all about making drastic changes in a room without having to throw money down the drain. So here is the million dollar question! How do you re-design a room on a close to zero dollar budget? Well it's easy my friends and here is my answer... Craigslist! Let me explain:)

I have always seemed to accumulate a ton of JUNK over the years. Most of it was {hand-me-downs} or furniture that my friends/family were going to throw away and I decided to take off their hands. Some of it ended up being used in our home, and some ended up in the garage. I kept all of these things because I'm thrifty and always thought I might use it for something one day. I'm also an avid shopper and tend to find really good deals on items. I'll end up buying an item for super cheap and later not like it as much as I anticipated. Most of the time they are from vintage or antique stores so you can't return them... which means they go to the garage!

Well it finally hit me that if I just sold all of these items that were just lying around, that I would have enough money to replace them with furniture pieces that I really loved. And what do ya know?? I was right!! That's when it all changed... I discovered Craigslist!

Here are my 7 rules to using Craigslist efficiently:

1. Replace an item by selling many unwanted items that are sitting around the house. By selling multiple items, you will be able to obtain enough money to buy the newer, nicer item basically for free!!

2. Sell just the item that you are about to replace. You might not make enough money to completely cover your cost of the new item, but your new purchase will be much cheaper than not selling it at all.

3. List items for a little more than you expect people to pay. Most everyone will try to haggle the price down, so you don't want to price your items too low to begin with. And make sure to include good, clear pictures!!

4. CASH ONLY!!! I have gotten SO many calls from people who say they don't have cash now, but swear their checks will go through once they've been paid at work... Um... NO thank you! That is just too sketchy for me. After they tell me that, I basically tell them the item is no longer for sale. Also, make sure to watch out for SCAMS! There are a TON out there. If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS! Stray away from anyone who is asking you to ship your item. Local only!

5. Don't give them your address until you have made a deal and agreed upon a time for them to come over to your house. Only then will I give them my address. If you don't trust the person on the phone, simply tell them the item already sold, or meet up with them at a secure location WITH a friend or spouse. If I don't trust them, I typically just lie and tell them it's already sold:) 

6. If an item hasn't sold for a few days or weeks, renew the post title with a {PRICE REDUCED} headline. People love to think they are getting a good deal, even if it's just a five dollar drop in price!

7. And last but not least, if you are looking for some new furniture, shop for items on Craigslist that could potentially be re-done. Items on craigslist are SO much cheaper than antique stores because most of the time the seller has no idea the value in what they're selling. For example, I bought a beautiful chair for ONLY $40 and transformed it for just about $40 more. A typically $400 chair was brought to life for just $80!

For a while, I never felt comfortable listing anything on Craigslist because I didn't like strange people coming to my house or calling my phone. But as I began shopping for my new replacement furniture, I soon got over it! The key to keeping on budget was to shop for the item first. 

Here is an example of one of my Craigslist successes:

When making over my formal living room, my two upholstered nail head chairs were one of my biggest purchases. 

After I spotted the pair at Home Goods for $199 each, I knew I needed to sell $400 worth of my stuff that I no longer wanted or needed. Since these chairs were at Home Goods, I needed to buy them ASAP or they would be gone within a day or so. Over the next 3 weeks, I sifted through my house and began listing things on Craigslist.

The {Home Goods} chairs I bought were to replace 2 black chairs that sat in my formal living room. I never liked them, but they were passed down to me when I graduated college, and at the time they were just about all I had. 4 years later they still sat in my home and it was time for them to go! I ended up selling the pair for over $200 and was already a big step closer to my goal. I also had a ton of smaller furniture items, accessories, lamps, etc. that I had been meaning to sell for a while that brought me over my $400 mark. Most of the smaller pieces sold for just $20 or $30 a piece, so most people wouldn't waste their time. But honestly, those little items eventually added up and made ALL the difference.

{ From this... }

{ To this! }

What a difference, right!?? The chairs were just one example of (of many) of my Craigslist successes. I basically used my 7 rules to transform my ENTIRE formal living/dining on a near zero dollar budget. By selling everything off and replacing them with new bargain finds, I was able to design a whole new room!!

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Fall Photography Session

Today I was lucky enough to take some photographs for our good friend's kiddos - The Clarks! We had such a blast playing with all my props and the kids did amazing! I basically just followed them around for an hour or so and photographed whatever I could. I might have ended the photo shoot with grass all over me from laying on the ground to capture the right shots, but it was totally worth it! They turned out exactly as planned and I couldn't be happier - What do y'all think??

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Casual Dining Room

So here it is my friends! My updated dining room with some NEW chairs!! The wicker chairs you see below are the ones I found online at Wal-mart. I still can't believe the great deal I got on them. You can find them {HERE} - I think they are currently on sale for $170 for a set of 2. I have also replaced the shade on the light fixture with Pottery Barn's extra large drum shade found {HERE}.  I bought the floor sample (since it was all they had left) and ended up getting 10% off! Score!

There are also a few other new items scattered throughout, so make sure to scroll down to see where I found my items. Hope you all enjoy the tour!


Where I found my items:

Wicker Chairs: Wal-mart $180 for a set of 2
Sisal Rug: Ross $38
Pillows: Ross $8/each
Large Photo Frames: Home Goods $16/each
Light Fixture (Shade): Pottery Barn $70
Curtains: Target $7.99 per panel
Antiqued Red Chairs: Free from a friend and refinished
Antique White Dishes: Free from a family member

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{Open Spaces} with Mari from Arcadian Home

A few weeks ago Mari, from {Arcadian Home}, approached me about writing a guest post here at The Blissful Bee! I was thrilled when I read her email and couldn't wait to see what she would write about. Today I am so honored and excited to have her as my guest - she has truly provided some great material and inspirations. Enjoy!


Hi all! It's Mari here, visiting from Arcadian Home blog, a great place to find beautiful home decor inspirations. A favorite part of my job is being able to visit lovely blogs like {The Blissful Bee} to share some of the great interior design and decorating ideas I have discovered during my online travels.

Today's guest post is about lovely open living spaces. I've pulled together eight of my favorites. I hope these beautiful rooms will inspire your decorating dreams. Please enjoy!

Open Living Space

This chic eclectic design brilliantly combines beauty and functionality in one small open space. From Mid-Century Tulip chairs to Moroccan-inspired floor lanterns, there's so much to love about this room.

Open Living Space

This open living space with soaring ceiling offers a wonderful mix of concrete, rustic timber and glam lighting. I love the gorgeously ornate chandeliers and colorful wall art.

Open Living Space

A very clever design idea, this tiny loft adds room for a much needed home office without sacrificing the open airy look of the space.

Open Living Space

Pops of brilliant color bring this multi-functional living space to life. I also love the playful puzzle-patterned rug.

Open Living Space

Open living spaces are not reserved for contemporary homes alone. Here's a lovely example of purely traditional style in a wide open space—with a breathtaking view.

Open Living Space

This living space is delineated by 3/4 walls that make the individual "rooms" feel more cozy while maintaining that much sought after open airy look.

Open Living Space

This lovely open living space is simply beautiful, with clean contemporary lines, pure white Panton chairs, and sleek pendant lights. As seen here, open living spaces allow for color-coordinated table decorations and kitchen accessories.

Open Living Space

And so we leave you with a glimpse of the ultimate lovely open living space--on Bali. Relaxing amid those surroundings, one might never want to leave such a dreamy place. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these lovely open living spaces? Leave us comments below and visit Arcadian Home for more home accessories and decor, as well as lighting inspirations!


So what did y'all think?? SO many great inspirations for open spaces! Living in a 1970's ranch style home, it's hard for me to post about large open living spaces. That's why I am so thankful when I can have people like Mari stop by to share their ideas. Thanks for the inspirations!!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's done! Formal Living Room Updates

How long have I been updating this room? Too long if you ask me! Thankfully after many months of buying, selling, moving and re-arranging, I am finally finished - and very happy with the outcome might I add. So what all have I done? Keep reading to see my process! 

Here are a few pictures of the rest of the finished room:

Now lets get down to the fun part and start listing out some of my furniture pieces and accessories!

Where I found my Items:
5x7 Floral Rug: Target, $180 (I think this item might be retiring, so it might be on clearance)
Linen Chairs with Nail Heads: Home Goods, $199 Each
Red Jute Bordered Pillows: Pottery Barn, $40 per cover
Yellow Ikat Pillows: Garden Ridge, $9.99 each
Small Bee Pillow: Antique Store, $14
Matching Lamps: Target $36 per lamp base, $12 per shade
Coffee Table:, $220
Small Metal Shelves: Home Goods, $16 each
Settee: Antique Store, $100
White Curtains: Target, $7.99 per panel

After all the changes I've made to this room, most people think I must have spent a fortune. Well, I actually haven't spent really anything on the room. Crazy, right?? How is that possible? I've bought things that I end up switching out, so what do I do with everything I replace? Well get excited, because the answer is coming up in my next post! Keep reading to find out how I successfully re-decorated this room on a near ZERO dollar budget;)

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