Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oh, the Inspirations - Round 2!

Hey guys! So earlier this week I posted about some inspirations for my indoor spaces. There was such a handful in that post that I decided to divide them into two separate posts. This version will be focused on our outdoor space, so lets roll!

There are too many projects the hubs and I want to tackle - especially outside!! We completely want to re-landscape the front yard, paint the house, update our front door, update our flowerbeds, replace our pool furniture, and I could go on and on. Like I said, SO many projects!! We clearly cannot do all of these things at once, so we will have to choose. Yikes. How to I choose?? 

I have photoshoped a "painted" version of our house below. We would love to paint it a greyish tone with a hint of green. We would keep our black shutters and ideally paint or buy a new door. We first plan on re-landscaping the entire front yard, so who knows, maybe once that is done we might not want to paint the house. But in our opinion as of now, it's just all too bland - there needs to be some sort of change! Below is a before and after along with some more inspiration photos.

...Man, just realizing how much our yard needs help. Please ignore the terrrible landscaping... pretty pretty please;)

The photoshopped version is a bit darker than what we would like, but it's gives you an idea of what it might look like. A red door would be preferable, but a new {craftsman style } dark stained door would also be lovely! If we did decide to paint the house, we would add some brighter bushes along the house to add some contrast. And if we didn't paint the house, I would still love a new door. I actually might really love the white house with a new door... hum just thinking out loud here...

Here are a few examples of the front doors we've been eyeing over the past few months. They are from Home Depot and range from about $600-$800. (not including installation or shipping. boo.)

Over the past few weeks I have also been primping our back yard as well. Below is my inspiration board for the backyard:
A lot if the look and feel of this design board has already been put into place. We have the Navy, Red and White color scheme and the brown wicker furniture set as well. The main thing that I would love to add are some new layout chairs for the pool. We have some generic white ones that the previous owner left for us, but I would love to replace those with some wicker or teak chaise's. I've been looking around at Home Goods and different places like that, but I can't ever find any matching sets. I found some wicker layout chairs at Garden Ridge for about $150 each, but when I went into the store the other day, they no longer had them... So sad! Does anyone know of any good deals on some teak or wicker layout chairs??

So what do you all think? I'm a bit overwhelmed with all of my ideas at the moment. Hopefully I can get them all contained! I have a feeling our first step will be the needed items such as lanscaping the front yard. We also need to get our trees trimmed, so that will take a huge chunk out of our budget as well. Ugh - dang trees! Taking away money from the fun stuff!!

Also, make sure to check out a post that will be coming up soon - it's a {how-to} on my yellow painted chevron curtains! More to come!!!

Happy Tuesday:)

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  1. those curtains are adorable! We just found your blog and we are your newest follower!! We would love for you to check out our blog!