Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Never Ending Project List

So lately I've been blaming Pinterest for all of my excessive project ideas.  Well although it is partially to blame, I think the blogging world has added to the craziness as well. I have so many ideas and projects in the works that my brain is starting to hurt! 

My hubs keeps saying these crazy statements like "Why can't you just be satisfied with what you've got!" Or "Why do we need more furniture?? We have enough to fill a warehouse!" Humm... wha?? Whats that crazy man talking about?? He can't be talking to me! ... Ok so yeah, maybe he's a little bit right about all of those outlandish statements - I do always have a project going on AND we do have enough furniture to fill a warehouse. Dang. Sorry hubs. But it's really not that I'm not happy or thankful for everything I have (because I am very grateful for it all), it's just that I really enjoy the process of a project. I love the planning, I love sketching out the idea, I love trying to figure out how all the pieces will fit together, and I LOVE to see the finished product and know that I created it. It's my version of solving a problem. I've never been the best at math, but I can sure design and built a piece of furniture!  I'll share my top 3 projects at the moment since I have far too many to list. 

{ #1 - Building a replica Factory Cart Coffee Table }
Most of these go anywhere from $600 - $1600, but the hubs and I plan to keep it around $120 for all of our supplies and gadgets. Here is some eye candy for ya:

{ #2 - Revamping our Mantle }
Right now it looks like this... I mean I'm fine with it, but it could be better.

This is what I would like for it to look like:

And here is a great How-To:

{ #3 - DIY ladder }
I'm thinking I will be able to do this for around $10 or so. Here is some more eye candy for ya:


 Any DIY projects going on around your house? I would love to see!

Happy Wednesday:)



  1. I love all your ideas! I wanted to let you know I've given you a Leibster Award! Head over to my site to read all about it. Keep up the great blogging...we are all listening =)

  2. I have the train cart coffee table in my family room and it is an awesome piece! I actually bought mine thru Havertys for around 300. :-) it might be worth a shot waiting until memorial day for their sale. You might be able to snag it for less :-) thank you for the award and stopping by!