Friday, April 6, 2012

A Birthday for the Hubs

Hey folks - So yesterday was the hub's 27th birthday! Thankfully I had it easy this year because I had already given him his gift about a month early as a 2 yr wedding anniversary/birthday combo. I ended up getting him a Luminox watch that he had been begging for since at least October of last year. Since we had already maxed out his budget for Christmas with tons of new golf gear, I knew this little gem had to wait

Around early January, I had started some research to find this puppy at a reasonable price since the retail was around $700. (CLEARLY out of our budget!) After price comparing for a few days, ended up being who I ordered it from. I was a little nervous at first because the prices seemed just too good to be true, but I will have to say that I would order from these people again in a heartbeat. Although the watch was still rather pricey, their prices were lower than any other I could find, AND I received it in the mail 2 days after I ordered it. Crazy right?? At first I was a little sketched out because my shipping confirmation email was accidentally sent to my spam mailbox. I thought great, I paid for this dang watch and now I've been scammed. BUT I refrained from freaking out, and called the number on their website and a guy immediately answered. No stupid automated system, no wait, he answered immediately! He was so nice and helpful and told me the order had already been shipped and to check my spam mail for the confirmation. What to ya know? He was right and I got my order the next day. 

The hardest part was waiting 2 months to surprise him with it! Needless to say, he was probably the most surprised I have ever seen him in our 4 years together. I guess that's what happens when your wife tells you for 5 straight months that you're never going to get that watch (when half of that time I had it stashed away in my closet). Sneaky sneaky! 

Anyways, today we are headed to Houston to visit my side of the family for Easter. I'm so excited because I get to see all the fam, layout by the pool, drink a beer or two, and maybe hit up the Marshalls by my parents house! Yes, I know - your thinking... Aren't all Marshalls the same? Well they actually aren't at all! And since I have this ridiculous addiction to Marshalls(which you will soon come to find out), I always feel like I have to hit up the Houston Marshalls anytime I go to make sure I don't miss out on a good find. Like I do every time, I'll drag my sister and mom along so I'm not alone in the adventure;) Maybe I'll come back with a few items to add to the home decor collection, maybe I won't, but if anything, I will for sure come back with great memories of a fun weekend with the fam and of course some adorable pictures of my sweet niece! Apparently my 18 month old niece has quite the extensive bathing suit collection, so I know she will be looking like a little fashionista this weekend. I'm bringing my Cannon with me so hopefully I can snap a few shots of everyone.

Isn't she just the cutest??

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones and a Blessed Easter!


  1. Marshalls are NOT all the same! Funny that you say this, a friend and I were just talking about that! I grew up in CA and there they were more like a Ross very discounted & kind of dirty. We recently got on in WA where I live now and it was very trendy and overpriced! Anyways I came over from the DIY Showoff & started reading thru. :)

    1. Hi Krista! Glad you could stop by! And yes, I totally agree - every Ross and Marshalls is TOTALLY different. Down here in Texas, Ross is more of a lower end store, but surprisingly I can find some steals every now and then. I'm a huge bargain shopper, so the better deal I can find, the happier I am!

  2. There is a Marshalls in Loveland, CO that is the B.E.S.T ever! My parents live out there and every time we go visit, forget spending time with the fam, I always have to make a trip to Marshalls! :)
    {found you from a comment you left on Just A Girl}

    1. That's too funny! I always drag my family with me when I make my Marshalls trip haha. That's still quality family time, right??